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A Fintech that provides corporate credits for small and medium companies in Brazil.

A company founded during the Pandemics and today with 30 people joining the team and selected as one of the Brazil’s 101 Fastest Growing FinTech Startups.

LinKapital Team.

Our technology does in 4 days what a Brazilian bank takes 6 months to do:

The Platform:

The Indice Bovespa considered that our first investiment of BRL 22 million is for 'reinvent credits':

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The Índice Bovespa News
Big Numbers:
LinKapital Big Numbers
2nd Co-Fouder:

As CMO and CCO I took care of the Digital Product development (Customer Journey, UX/UI) and the Brand Expression in general (Communication and Marketing).

Soon available for Mobile:
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Luter Filho