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I'm a versatile Creative Art Director and complex problem solver that uses agile processes, design thinking and technology to develop feasible solutions through a work process that is not limited by time, geolocation or languages.

Photo by @brenodamatta during a @mesa company session.


2018: EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership
2001-2005: BA Degree in Marketing and Advertising at ESPM


Portuguese: Native
English: Fluent
German: B2
Spanish: Basic


2017: Berlin Design Digest (NAME Communication)
2015: Arany Penge Festival: Silver (DDB Budapest)
2015: Hypnosis Festival: Gold (DDB Budapest)
2015: Hypnosis Festival: Silver (DDB Budapest)
2014: Cannes Lions: Diploma (DDB Budapest)
2014: Gold on Golden Drum International Advertising Festival (DDB Budapest)
2014: Silver on Golden Drum International Advertising Festival (DDB Budapest)
2014: 02 Finalists Prague International Advertising Festival (DDB Budapest)
2014: 02 Silvers Arany Penge Festival (DDB Budapest)
2013: Grand Prix Prêmio Abril Rio de Janeiro (DPZ)
2013: Grand Prix Prêmio Colunistas (Grupo Artplan)
2012: Finalist Prêmio Abril Nacional (Grupo Artplan)
2012: Grand Prix Prêmio Abril Rio de Janeiro (Grupo Artplan)
2012: Gold ABP - Brazilian Association of Advertising (DPZ)
2012: Gold ABP - Brazilian Association of Advertising (Grupo Artplan)
2012: Gold Prêmio Colunistas Brasil (DPZ)
2012: Gold Prêmio Colunistas Brasil (Grupo Artplan)
2010: Young Lion 2010 (Santa Clara)
2010: Gold ABP - Brazilian Association of Advertising (Santa Clara)
2009: Gold El Ojo de Iberoamérica (Santa Clara)
2009: 02 Silvers El Ojo de Iberoamérica (Santa Clara)
2009: Finalist Prêmio Abril Nacional (MPM Propaganda)
2009: Bronze CCSP - Clube de Criação de São Paulo (MPM Propaganda)
2009: Finalist CCSP - Clube de Criação de São Paulo (MPM Propaganda)
2008: Cannes Finalist (MPM Propaganda)
2007: Grand Prix New Ad (age)
2007: Gold GPR - Radio Group (age)
2006: Finalist CCRJ - Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro (VS)
2006: Finalist CCRJ - Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro (VS)
2006: Finalist ANJ - National Association of Newspaper (VS)

Ulisses Zamboni

Partner, President and Head of Planning at Santa Clara & Psychoanalyst

"Luter is impatient. And this is not supposed to be a professional criticism! For creative people like him, that's what I admire the most. Always searching for something new, edgy and relevant. And also plugged in social facts what makes him very much engaged to this 'current' world. Easy task to write about him."

Gabriel Schmitt

Chief Creative Officer at FCB New York

"He is one of the best creatives I have worked with. He is not only smart and fast but that kind of person people just like to stay around."

Rodrigo Burdman

Creative Director for Google Play at R/GA New York

"Luter is a super talented AD with multiple interests that go beyond regular advertising. Work with him was always super easy and very pleasant. His passion for the new media and creative integration always made him one of my favorite persons to work with. I hope we can bump into each other again!"

Rodrigo Senra

Creative Director at Suno United Creators

"Luter is a fantastic art director. A great guy. Hard worker, smart, determinated and very strategic."

Marcos Almirante

Creative Director at AMV BBDO

"Luter is guided by an unstoppable creative mind. From the time I met him in Brazil to wherever he has been, Luter has always left his mark. His solutions to the most different problems are always impressive. And I'm always looking forward to see what he is going to do next."

Péter Tordai

Founding Partner - CCO at BOLD Budapest

"Luter is a senior AD, has a very proactive attitude and an easy going character. His ideas are focused, well crafted and he can contribute a lot to build the creative reputation of any agency."

Pedro Porto

Director Twitter Next Latin America

"Luter is a high profile Creative professional with an incredible sensibility for art, design and innovative ideas. Working with him was a huge opportunity to learn and be inspired with his very singular point of view and his great energy to make non traditional ideas happen."

Daniela Bogoricin

Director Twitter Next APAC

"I consider Luter one of the most creative professional I have ever worked. I had the chance to work with him helping brands achieve business objective and bringing relevant communication impact for people's lives. Luter is always inspiring and I miss being inspired by his good humor and amazing ideas everyday."

Thiago Iusim

Brand and Business Director at FCB Brazil

"Luter is one of the most talented guys I have ever worked with. He is much more than an Art Director. Luter goes deep into client’s business so he can come up with great ideas. TV, print, OOH, Digital, Mobile, it doesn't matter. Give him the challenge and he will deliver it. It was such a pleasure to work with someone like him. You rock my friend."

Raphael Laclau

Founder at Comun

"Talented, commited and a natural born creative leader. Working with him was an enriching experience."

Luís Claudio Salvestroni

Partner / Head of Advertising at MadeGroup

"Luter is a precious art director with whom I had the honour to work together. His creativity is updated, his personnality is captivating and his friendship is trustfull. I'm very proud to have worked with him and be part of his successful carreer. I'm still looking for someone like Luter to replace him in my team."

Marcelo Felício

Senior Copywriter at Young & Rubicam

"Luter is brilliant. I tried to hire him when I was Creative Director in Havas (Euro RSCG). Unfortunately, I couldn't. If you have a chance, don't let it go."

Luter Filho