When you find the
right concept,

branding happens.

Most advertising agencies and design studios usually bring three options of logos for the client. One that they like very much and two others not that much. Of course, the client choses the first one and life goes on.

I don’t do that.

I developed a two-step process called Branding from Possibilities.
Instead of showing 03 logo options, I show unfinished possibilities. The first step is before the computer and probably the most painful. I sit with the client to have a complete knowledge of the project, service or product until we come up with a concept that places us at the same level of understanding.

With this clear concept in hands, the second step is the computer. In a single Illustrator file, I start to open raw possibilities of what that concept could look like. I find a possibility and stop before finishing it. Create another one and stop. It’s a repetitive process that the client follows every single step until reaching a point where a specific possibility makes sense. Then the design just happens.

Since I started doing this two years ago, I’ve got 100% of approval. It’s amazing to see how a strong concept can bring so much life to an idea. You can see not only the birth of a logo, but also tones of voice, UX, websites, social media behaviour and even advertising campaigns. Take a look at some examples scrolling down, maybe what you need is to try this possibility:


"The Waste Zero concept applied for Branding."

A center for circular economy practices based in Berlin.


"The complete understanding of a system."

Semper Fi is a new brazillian company focused on the total understanding of complex digital systems.


"We Open New Possibilities."

A Sustainable Education System that empowers the african youth through technology.

Nowhere Kitchen

"Cooking leftovers is
our philosophy."

A food platform created by the Philippine chef-artist Pepe Dayaw that transforms leftovers into new dishes.

Pepe Dayaw


"Luter did not make our logo. He found it while cooking. Serendipity. This taught me a lot about communication, and where it lies. Only those who have embraced uncertainties and learned things by sailing through life, would know how to cultivate serendipities."


"As neutral as possible."

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme is a programme focusing
on the dynamic area of collaborative arts.

Sören Meschede

Cultural Manager and Producer - Hablar en Arte

"We are a European network of nine organizations. Dealing with us is not easy. All of us have our own ideas, styles and ways of doing things. Luter had the incredibly difficult task to find a way to condense this heterogeneity into one coherent visual identity that would satisfy all the partners. And he managed to do so. Incredible!"


"Five steps from you
to Earth."

A company that rents portable ecological toilets.


"Hiding in the fox hole."

A smartphone sleeve that protects your body from radiation
and your mind from distraction funded by Kickstarter.


"Focus on energy."

A company that offers international advisory services in the area of renewable power projects,
electricity markets and energy system planning.

Bernhard Brand


"Exceptional work! Luter has a great knowledge of people and businesses. In our conversations he immediately grasped what I (intuitively) wanted and realised a perfect branding for my company."


"A new recipe to learn
a language."

A language school that uses food and cooking as their method for teaching.

Give Something Back to Berlin

"Making worlds meet
for a better city."

An award-winning project platform and network fostering community integration, intercultural dialogue
and participation among Berlin’s diverse migrant populations.

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Creative Art Director
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